Artificial Intelligence

At XISYS we build simplicity, scalability and intelligence into modern software applications. We offer a full software development life-cycle service to transform your ideas and business requirements into smart software applications on time and within budget.

Data Science

Data Science fuels Artificial intelligence. The value that data science can add to businesses is undeniable. Analysing structured and unstructured data by applying statistical and algorithmic methods allows extracting meaningful actionable insight.

Machine Learning

Machine learning applications give a competitive edge practically across all sectors from e-commerce to finance, healthcare to education and cybersecurity to entertainment. The advantages are manifolds as smart companies harness their data into the machine learning solutions and transform their business capabilities.

Deep Learning

Automated solutions are provided to businesses for security and analytical purposes. Utilising the power of neural networks for securing personal data and providing protection against unauthorized or unauthenticated access. Deep learning is integrated into software solutions for providing secure access and analysis for providing insights.

Natural Language Processing

NLP provides business boom by analysing customer reviews and understanding their reasons for loyalty. Semantic analysis is utilised for getting insights into market trends through customer feedback, fraudulent statements or false claim analysis, or open doors to new horizons by removing language barriers.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is used for gaining insights from data to perform forecasts and predictions. Customer behavior is monitored and their responses are predicted. Recommendation systems are designed around customer behavior for providing suggestions to customers for increasing loyalty. Predictive analysis is used to help businesses attract, retained and grow their customer base

Computer Vision

Using the power of computer vision for real-time face recognition and verification for security purposes. CV provides behaviour monitoring for suspicious activities detection or controlling actions of robots in manufacturing processes. Images indexing is provided for efficient and effective database management and searching.