IT Consultancy

At XISYS, we take a holistic IT Consultancy approach to your technology journey and help guide you to making the right technical and commercial decisions. We take on your challenges as our own and find the opportunities in areas that can excel your organisation through R&D and in depth analysis of your processes, software requirements, infrastructure capacity and security vulnerabilities. 

Business Consultancy

Before we take on any technical project, we evaluate and optimise the non-technical processes involved in and around your business.


  • Digital Transformation of Manual Processes
  • Optimisation of Business Processes
  • Process Compliance Analysis
  • Process Security Analysis
  • Go to market strategy – Sales, Marketing & Business Development

Software Consultancy

Our experienced consultants will ensure your software requirements have the correct feature sets, efficiency, usability, scalability and security levels to give your business the technological edge it requires.


  • Discovery of Business & User Requirements
  • Evaluation of Existing Off-the-Shelf vs Custom Build Software (Industry standard vs Custom Solution)
  • R&D for Market Edge
  • Report on Findings & Recommendations

Infrastructure Consultancy

Your technology infrastructure is the backbone to your business; our experts will analyse your organization’s infrastructure to ensure you have the correct on-premise and cloud technologies for communication, efficiency, capacity, redundancy and security compliance; taking into consideration of your current vs future business requirements.


  • Communications Infrastructure; Cloud Hosting, On-premise Servers, Routers & Switches
  • Capacity Analysis; Data Storage, Bandwidth, Limitations & Scalability
  • Redundancy Analysis: Data Backup, Recovery, Load Balancing, Maintenance 
  • Security & Compliance Analysis: Security Vulnerabilities & Regulation Compliance

Security Consultancy

Our security experts analyse and look for vulnerabilities within the operations, software and the infrastructure your business utilises for your employees and/or for your customers. We analyse how data is accessed, processed, transmitted and stored within your organisation against strict policies for data protection and regulation compliance. 


  • Business Application Analysis: Vulnerabilities in business applications for internal and customer use. 
  • Communication Analysis: Vulnerabilities in data access and transmission within the technology infrastructure.
  • Deployment Analysis: Vulnerabilities in data storage across infrastructure.